Dear customer

This is a notice to customers who have used our service between 1st October 2019 and 15th January 2020 for purchase of TV Licence services.

This notice is to inform customers who have not received or missed the notice sent via email. Our company "Licence Plus Ltd" has had numerous issues with banking providers over the past five months that have made it difficult for us to trade and fulfill services as promised in our terms & conditions. These issues have included the following issues with our merchant bank provider:

• Non payment of customer payments to us after credit/debit cards have been processed.
• Stopping our ability to action refunds to customers who have requested them.
• With-holding of customer funds by the bank, which also stops us from refunding customers directly.

We have been working hard to obtain a new banking provider in order to continue to trade and confirm customer orders as quickly as possible to back-date orders, however this has proven difficult to achieve due to our previous provider having an impact on our good standing as a company.

Due to this we will not be able to refund the payments automatically to your original payment card as we have done for customers in the past. We are shocked that our provider has taken this action to both with-hold and stop us from actioning refunds without notice and we have been in talks with them as to the reasons why they have stopped us from making refunds as we feel that this is in breach of the Consumer Rights Act.

We have been in talks with them and they have informed us that they will be continuing to hold funds for the chargeback period stated by Visa & Mastercard which could be 180 days. We aim to give a further update to customers after this time when the banking provider will be legally obliged to pay the withheld funds which can then be made available for refunding our customers directly.

Firstly we would like to apologise for this issue as it is something outside of our control, however we would like to completely reassure you that our provider has stated that these funds are currently held by them, therefore they are available for customer refunds.

As we are unsure as to the timeframe to resolve this issue we are posting this notice ensure that all effected customers receive a prompt refund of the money paid, as our provider is not allowing us to do this we are taking steps to advise all effected customers how to claim a refund from your card providers directly so that you receive your payment back as soon as possible.

Please see below how to claim a refund

In order to get a full refund of the fee paid all you will need to do is contact your bank or card provider and get them to start a chargeback on the transaction made to "Licence Plus". Once requested your bank will then refund the full amount to your account or card usually immediately or within a days, our merchant bank provider will then refund this automatically under the Visa/Mastercard chargeback rules, this scheme entitles all customers to claim money back for your card for up to 180 days after the transaction was made.

We understand that this may cause inconvenience to our customers who have requested a refund however and we would like to formally apologise to all customers effected by this issue, as you can understand this matter is completely outside of our control due to our banking provider, but we are fully committed to ensuring that all customers who ask for a refund rightfully receive the money owed as soon as possible. In the meantime we will be offering email support via to our customers at this time.


Licence Plus Team