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2.1 TV Licence Services

Licence Plus offers a range of consultancy and administration services in relation to TV Licences this includes:

• Applications for New TV Licences
• Renewal of an existing TV Licence
• Changes to existing TV Licence details

2.2 By placing an order with Licence Plus and agreeing to these Terms you give Licence Plus permission to use the personal details provided by you the Customer to act on your behalf as an agent with the BBC TV Licensing Authority.

This permission extends to acting on your behalf as an agent when applying for a New TV Licence, renewing an existing TV Licence or changing details of your current TV Licence with the BBC TV Licensing Authority. In order to provide our services we will ask you the following details (including but not limited to): Licence holder name, TV licence number, licenced property address, registered email address and contact telephone number. Licence Plus will only ever use the details given to provide the services listed above in accordance with these Terms. Please see section [5] Data Protection & Privacy Policy for more information.

2.3 Each of the services we offer incurs an administration fee of either £16.50 or £21; administration fee (depending on service) for processing of the service requested on your behalf with the BBC TV Licensing Authority.

2.4 The maximum term you can purchase for a TV Licence from Licence Plus is 12 months, however terms of credit agreements for purchases of monthly bundles can vary from 6-12 months. Details of any credit agreement terms in relation to TV Licence fees will be clearly shown on the order summary page prior to confirming an order.

2.5 Once an order is placed via our Website, Licence Plus will provide confirmation of the order via email, to the email address supplied by the Customer. This confirmation will include a breakdown of the service we will provide and a timescale for completion. The Customer will then receive official confirmation of their new TV Licence via email within 30 days of placing an order.

2.6 The benefits of our service include additional detailed information and guidance provided to support our Customers when apply for or renewing a TV Licence, we also offer additional electronic device products which Customers can purchase in addition to the services we provide, see details below:

2.6 Electronic Device Purchases (Monthly Bundles)

In addition to our TV Licence services we also offer Customers the option to purchase electronic goods alongside their TV Licences service, we offer the goods for purchase by Credit/Debit Card or by Monthly Credit Agreement via our retail finance provider DivideBuy.

Purchasing of these goods is optional and products on offer may change without notice depending on product availability, stock and/or market conditions.

2.7 Licence Plus will endeavour to provide all products as advertised on our website, if in the rare event that a product selected by the Customer becomes unavailable due to circumstances outside of our control, we will offer the customer an alternative of the same value. If the Customer does not wish to proceed with the alternative our liability will be limited to a full refund or cancellation of the finance credit agreement.

2.8 If the customer decides to purchase an electronic device these can be purchased in two ways:

• By Credit/Debit Card – Purchases made by card must be made in full prior to services rendered and delivery of goods.

• By Monthly Credit Agreement (with our finance provider DivideBuy) – Purchases made by credit agreement will only be actioned once your agreement is signed either electronically or by post.

When opting to purchase via credit agreement, the Customer is able to choose from 6-12 monthly terms. Full details will be provided to the Customer on the order summary in regards to the total cost incurred plus interest (if applicable) in line with the FCA guidelines for credit brokers.

Please note finance is provided by DivideBuy, for more information please visit https://www.dividebuy.co.uk/contactus.

2.9 Delivery of goods

Time scale for delivery of good(s) to the Customer will be clearly stated on our Website and email confirmation, this will usually be within 5-7 working days. If for any reason this is different it will be clearly stated to the Customer when placing an order.

In accordance with our finance provider and to prevent fraud, goods purchased can only be delivered to the TV Licence holder’s address or the billing/finance application address used to make the purchase (depending on the type of service requested). We regret that we are unable to send good(s) to a third party or work address due to the reasons previously stated.


3.1 TV Licence Services

As a third party provider we charge an additional service fee in addition to the BBC TV Licensing Authority, this fee is an administration and processing fee for the services we provide in relation to Customers TV Licences.

3.2 Refunds prior to services rendered

If a refund request is made prior to our services being provided, this includes processing of your TV Licence as per your request directly with the BBC TV Licensing Authority, then a full refund of all card fee(s) paid (or cancellation of any finance agreements) will be actioned within 3-4 working days.

3.3 Refunds after services have been rendered

If a refund request is made after our services have been rendered and Licence Plus has already acted on your behalf as per your request with the BBC TV Licensing Authority, then refunds will be limited to our £16.50/£21 service fee. This is due to the fact that part of our service (listed in section [2]) includes paying the licence fee on your behalf to the BBC TV Licensing Authority. Therefore once services have been provided we are no longer in possession of the licence fee, from this point refunds will be limited to our service fee only, you will then need to contact the BBC TV Licensing Authority directly in regards to licence fee refunds by visiting www.tvlicensing.co.uk.

3.4 Electronic Device Purchases (Monthly Bundles)

In addition to our TV Licences services we also offer Customers the option to purchase electronic goods alongside their TV Licences service, we offer the goods for purchase by Credit/Debit Card or by Monthly Credit Agreement via our retail finance provider DivideBuy.

3.5 Licence Plus offer a 21 day cancellation / cooling off period (from the date your order is placed) on all electronic device purchases, however this only applies if the Customer abides by the following conditions:

• The goods must still be in the original packaging, this packaging must be unopened/sealed. This must include any accessories and free gifts received with them. DVDs, CDs, memory cards and software packaging discs must still be sealed.

• The goods and packaging must not be damaged in any way.

• The claim for a refund/order adjustment must be made within 21 days of the order date.

Licence Plus will ask the Customer to return the goods to us via Special Delivery or Secure Courier service. Once received, if the Customer has met all the above conditions we will issue a full refund for the price of the device only or will adjust the finance credit agreement less this amount, the time scales for this will be 7-10 days from receipt of the good(s) to us.

3.6 We regret that if you have purchased a device in addition to a TV licence service that we are only able to refund/adjust the finance credit agreement for the value of the electronic good(s) only. Unless your cancellation request has been made prior to services rendered (see section 3.2).

Please also see section 4.7 (Faulty Goods & Returns)


4.1 TV Licence Services

Licence Plus will endeavour to provide services to a reasonable standard in accordance with these terms, and will supply the Customer with confirmation of the order placed along with timescales and confirmation of their official TV Licence details as part of the service.

4.2 Once our services have been provided and we have actioned the purchase, renewal or change of details with the BBC TV Licensing authority on your behalf (at your request), we are unable to accept any liability for the following:

Prosecutions by the BBC TV Licensing Authority against you the Customer in relation to your TV Licence due to the Customer providing incorrect information to Licence Plus when using our third-party services. This includes but not limited to: correct licence holder name, correct licence address, type of television equipment in use, incorrect payment/account details, declaration of blind or sight impairment or incorrect details regarding licence holders age.

We are also unable to accept any responsibility if you have failed to pay for your television licence (and have been un-licensed) for any period prior to the date you have used our services.

4.3 You the Customer understands that once we have paid the licence fee to the BBC TV Licensing Authority and we have sent you confirmation of your new TV Licence by post or email, that refunds will be limited to our £16.50/£21 service fee. Please see refunds section [3.0]

4.4 Electronic Device Purchases (Monthly Bundles)

In addition to our TV Licence services we also offer the sale of electronic goods, in the event that a Customer makes a purchase that includes electronic good(s) from Licence Plus the following terms will apply.

4.5 Delivery of items

The good(s) in question will be delivered via secure delivery or third party secure courier service within this will usually be within 5-7 working days (however if this time frame changes due to circumstances which could include but are not limited to: stock availability, adverse weather conditions or postal delays), then this new time frame will be stated either verbally by phone, or in writing via email.

4.6 The Customer understands that Licence Plus is unable to accept responsibility for the following:

a) If the Customer has supplied incorrect address details at the time of placing the order.

b) If the customer is unable to sign for the good(s) at the address given when placing the order.

The Customer also understands that if any of the above conditions are met, that this could cause delays or additional delivery fees charged to the Customer by Licence Plus.

4.7 Faulty Goods & Returns

Although Licence Plus will always strive to provide the best quality goods and services, when dealing with electronic good(s) we understand that sometimes goods can be faulty due to manufacturing reasons. All goods purchased will include the full manufacturers warranty (which can vary from product to product).

If you find good(s) supplied by us to be faulty, we ask that you raise this issue with our support team as soon as possible. Once raised we will ask you to return the goods via post to us (via special delivery or secure courier). Once received we will assess the information provided by you regarding the fault, if we can validate your claim we will supply a new product in line with the specific manufacturers warranty. The timescales for this process can vary but will usually be within 7-14 days.

If your claim that the good(s) supplied are faulty falls after the manufacturer’s warranty date has expired, then we will be unable to accept return of said good(s).


5.1 It is a requirement of the services we provide to hold information in relation to specific services or products you wish to purchase.

5.2 In accordance with the GDPR regulations please see our detailed Privacy Policy, which makes it more clear how we gather, store and process your data in relation to the services that we provide. We require that you read and agree to this policy prior to using our services on our website.

5.3 When placing an order via our website you will automatically be added to our mailing list, from which we may occasionally send you information in relation to but not limited to, your TV Licence expiry and or product information such as warranty expiration of a particular product purchased. You are able to un-subscribe from our mailing list at any time.

5.4 We regret that due to the services that we offer and finance credit agreements we are only able to provide our services or sell goods to adults aged 18 years and over who either are or have the authority to act on behalf of TV Licence holder, or those who are eligible to sign legally binding credit agreements for purchasing of good(s).

These terms & conditions were last updated 12/04/2019

Licence Plus provides third party TV Licence services on behalf of customers. We also offer pay monthly products, finance is provided by DivideBuy. We are not affiliated with the TV Licensing Authority or www.tvlicensing.co.uk, please see our terms and privacy policy for more information on our services. The Freeview logo is a trade mark of DTV Services LTD