Moving House: Things You Need To Update

As many of you are aware moving house can be extremely stressful and the list of things to get done before the big day is often endless. One thing that often gets forgotten about is updating your details with any companyís, suppliers or organisations that will need your new address.

Keeping your details up to date is extremely important, not only is it needed so that you are keep informed about any changes to services but in some circumstances it is a legal requirement. Not changing your details can also cause you added stress and expense as you may be charged additional fees or fined for not changing your details.

Who do I need to inform?

Once you your new address details, which includes your county and full postcode, you should inform any and all the following groups, companyís or organisations that you have accounts with.


• Gas
• Electric
• Water suppliers (remember some areas have 2 suppliers per household)

Almost all of the big energy providers, including British Gas, EDF and Southern Water allow you to change address using one of their online forms on their website. You may need to create an account before you can change your address but once this is done you will also be able to view and pay future bills and check your usage.

Your Local Council

• Council tax

If you do not know who your local council are or you do not know how to contact them donít worry, it is easy to [find your local council] and once you have you will need to complete a council tax change of address form. Your local council will then send your new council tax bill and any other documents to your new address.


• Bank
• Building society
• Credit card provider
• Loan provider

It is important to keep your bank or building society informed of your new address as not only do many banks keep you up to date with new services and offers available to you, they also send extremely sensitive information about you and your bank account in the post. In the wrong hands you could the victim of identity theft or fraudulent activity.

Health Care

• Doctors
• Dentists
• Private health care provider

All doctors and dentists are subject to catchment areas and therefore if you have moved out of your doctorís or dentistís catchment area you may no longer be eligible to receive treatment there and will need to find alternative. If you are in any doubt please contact your doctor or dentist surgery. Private health care providers do not have the same restrictions but you will still need to inform them if you are a current patient.


• Car finance
• Car insurance
• Service or MOT plan
• Log book
• Driving licence

Many people forget to change the address on their log book, driving licence and finance company but failing to do this could result in a hefty fine if not done. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you donít tell DVLA when your address changes, and if your log book is in a different address then you may not know when your vehicle is due to be taxed, this could land you with a £100.00 fine.


• Mobile phone
• TV/cable/streaming provider
• Broadband

These are often the services that people contact first as many of us canít live without out television or streaming services. Companies will often come and change you dish or set up your services in your new home but donít forget if you have any mobile phones in the house on contract you will also need to contact them. Almost all network providers have apps that you can download and do your change of address here.

Furniture and store cards

• Furniture on finance
• Appliances on finance
• Catalogue or store accounts
• Supermarket reward cards

Store cards and other items that you may have on finance are among the things that are often left until last or forgotten altogether, but you may find in finance agreement small print that they require you to inform them immediately of any address change. If you fail to inform your supermarket reward card provider you may miss out on vouchers and all those point youíve been saving up.

TV licence Updates

• TV Licence

As almost all of us watch or record live TV or use catch up or streaming services, meaning most of us just canít live with our TVís or devices. But, did you know that you could be prosecuted if you have been watching, recording or downloading programmes illegally. The maximum penalty is a £1,000* fine plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay. The maximum fine is £2,000 in Guernsey and £500 in Jersey.

You can change your address online its quick and easy and can be completed in minutes, simply enter your address details, if you do not have your licence details to hand simply click the "chat" link and talk to our team who can help.

Please remember that is very easy to forget these services but with a national database
of approximately 31 million licensed and unlicensed addresses. Which has details of your address and if it has a TV Licence. Enforcement officers that have access to this database which means they can check if you have a licence or not. Detector vans are also available that can detect the use of TV receiving equipment at specifically targeted addresses within minutes.

If you do not need a TV Licence because you do not use any of the above services you will need to complete a no licence needed form or if you are 75 or over you must still have a licence, you will need to complete a short-term or free licence form.

What happens if I donít change my address?

As we have mentioned about the penalties could be very costly if you fail to inform the correct companies or authorities that you have moved address. Not only could you face a fine but you could also be breaking the law.

Many people moving house are consumed with just making sure that all of there belongings make it safely to their new property, but if you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure that everyone is informed of your move you may be in for a shock. Above we have detailed the measures that can be taken if you do not change your TV licence over to your new address, so please do not risk this happening to you.

When should I let them know Iíve moved/moving?

Some of the organisations that we have listed above allow you to update your details before your move date and others require you to be in your new property before updating. We understand that sometimes it is not always possible to give plenty of notice of your move due to unforeseen circumstances but we recommend that as soon as you know the date of your move you start to update the relevant organisations.

TV Licence change of address can be dated up to 3 months in advance, so you can do this prior to your move if you know the date, your licence will then only update on the date you have specified and not before.

Is there anyone I donít need to inform?

There are also many companies and providers that you do not need to inform or it is not so urgent to inform them of your change of address. These people also do not carry any penalties for not changing your address, at most you may miss out on a leaflet or two.

• Gym
• Vets
• Hairdressers/Barbers
• Nail technician
• Local takeaways
• Pet groomers
• Parent and child groups
• Podiatrists
• Opticians

Ensuring you have all the relevant information for your move is vital to help make your move easy and hassle free. If youíve got a change of address coming up donít forget to change your address.

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