Changing Name On A TV Licence

Obtaining, changing or renewing your TV licence can be daunting, especially if you are unaware of the rules regarding your TV licence. Many customers find the process quite daunting as some details can be updated online and others need to be done in writing.

One of the most common things that customers need to charge or update is their name. Now, this could be one of many changes that include changing from a maiden to a married surname, name change via Deed Poll, the spelling of your name and transferring your TV licence from yourself to another person.

We have everything you need to complete any changes or updates regarding a name change. If you would like anymore help or information on TV licences, bundles or you require a change of address please visit our [home page]

Updating your name

Online TV licence account

Before you can update or change any details online you first need your online account, this will give you access to all your licence information as well as information about your licence plan, payment schedule and where you can gain access to change account information.

In order to gain access to your online account you must have your TV Licence number, surname and postcode to hand, if you do not know your licence number you can find it on your bank statements as your reference or you click the “Don’t know your TV licence number” link which will take you to another form where you will need to fill in your title, initials, surname, house number or name and your postcode.

Once you have completed this you will then be asked for either the email address linked to your account or the account number and sort code from the account you pay your licence from. If you enter your email address your licence number will be emailed to you and you can then use this to gain access to your account. If you have been asked for your account details you will be taken straight into your account.

Once you in your online account you will then be able to see the information relating to your account and details on what changes you can make online and what needs to be done in writing.

How can I change my name online?

When you are on your online account you will find a section on the right-hand side of the screen that says “Update your details” click here and you will be taken to the section that allows you to make your name changes.

Once you have selected your reason for your name change and confirmed your name and email address your request will be processed and you will receive confirmation of this either by email or by post depending on your contact preferences.

What name changes can I make online?

Please remember that you can only make name changes if you are the licence holder and if you are only making name changes that relate to your name. If you are trying to transfer the licence into someone else’s name please keep reading.

The following changes can be made online:

• Changing to a married name or civil partnership name
• Hyphenating your name
• Name change by Deed Poll
• Changing the spelling of your first, middle or surname
• Correcting a spelling mistake on your TV licence
• Returning to a maiden or previous name
• Business position holder change (for commercial customers only)

How can I transfer my licence into someone else’s name?

If you are moving home or moving out then you may want to transfer your TV licence into someone else’s name, you may also want to do this if you are a landlord or are letting out your home. There may also be other reasons for wanting to transfer the licence holders name for instance a death or perhaps you want to pay for someone else’s TV licence, regardless of your reasons we have all the information you need to make the transfer of your TV licence as simply as possible.

You can transfer your TV Licence to someone who is living at your address and is also covered by your current licence. This will need to be done in writing as you need to give your written permission for your TV licence to be transferred.

Before sending your letter please ensure you have all the information required. You will need your current address, your TV licence number, a brief explanation of your circumstances and your wish to transfer your licence, the new licence holders’ details including full name and please remember to sign your letter.

Please send your letter to:

TV Licensing
DL98 1TL.

What if the licence holder is deceased?

If a TV licence is still needed at the address

Anyone who was living with the deceased licence holder will still be covered by the current TV licence. If the licence is not a free over 75 TV licence, please send a short statement in writing that the licensee has died. Please also let us know the name of the bereaved person who is still residing at the address, all future correspondence about the licence will be addressed to them.

Please send to:

Customer Services
TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

Please note:

A copy of the death certificate is not required. If the bank account details for the Direct Debit need to be changed, please enclose these with the same letter. The bank account holder must also sign the letter.

If the TV licence needs to be cancelled

If the deceased person lived alone or a licence is no longer required there may be a refund due to the estate. Refunds are calculated in unused months. You must have at least one complete month left on the licence that you won’t need before it expires to be considered for a refund.

To cancel the licence, please use a Contact us section on your online account to provide the title, initial, last name, address and licence number (where possible) of the deceased person.

Was the licence a free over 75 TV licence?

A free over 75 TV licence will remain valid for the remainder of that year. The following year the person still residing at the address will have to renew the licence. If that person is, or will be, over 75 years old by the time of renewal then it is best to apply now for their free over 75 TV licence. You can do this by using a Contact us section on your account to complete their name, date of birth and National Insurance number. If the person still residing at the address will not be over 75 then you will just need their name.

Do I need a TV licence?

You need to have a TV licence if you:

• Watch or Record live TV programmes on any channel
• Download or Watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer, Live, Catch up or On Demand.

It doesn't matter what device you use. If you watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, you need to be covered by a TV Licence.

This includes:

TV sets (including smart TVs) DVD, Blu-ray and VHS recorders Laptops and desktop computers Tablets, mobile phones and other portable devices Digital boxes or PVRs (such as Sky, Virgin Media or BT TV) Games consoles Media streaming devices (such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Now TV) Freeview, Freesat or YouView

Who is responsible for getting a TV licence?

If you own or rent a property and are using TV services that require a TV licence it is your responsibility to purchase a TV licence. If you fail to change your address or transfer your TV licence into someone else’s name and that property fails to keep that TV licence up to date you are still liable and could face prosecution if you have been watching, recording or downloading programmes illegally. The maximum penalty is a £1,000* fine plus any legal costs and/or compensation you may be ordered to pay. The maximum fine is £2,000 in Guernsey.

Can they find our if I don’t have a TV licence?

Yes, there are a few ways in which you could be detected using TV services or that your property does not have a licence.

• There is a database of approximately 31 million licensed and unlicensed addresses. This will say if your address has a TV Licence or not.

• All enforcement officers have access to this database. This means they can check if you have a licence or not.

• If you have stated that you do not need a TV Licence, officers may still visit you to confirm this.

• There are also a fleet of detector vans that can detect the use of TV receiving equipment at specifically targeted addresses within minutes.

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