TV Licensing Letters, What Do They Mean?

The BBC has spent more than £6million on warning letters sent out to homes across the UK. These include empty and unoccupied homes as well as homes and businesses that are without valid TV licence. Each of these 28+ million letters sent cost the UK taxpayer 22p each and many of these letters go unanswered.

With an enormous database, detector vans and enquiry team more and more people are getting fined and some have even been imprisoned because they have not purchased a TV licence. These are of course last resort options and you will be sent several warning ...


Changing Name On A TV Licence

Obtaining, changing or renewing your TV licence can be daunting, especially if you are unaware of the rules regarding your TV licence. Many customers find the process quite daunting as some details can be updated online and others need to be done in writing.

One of the most common things that customers need to charge or update is their name. Now, this could be one of many changes that include changing from a maiden to a married surname, name change via Deed Poll, the spelling of your name and transferring your TV licence from yourself to another person.


Moving House: Things You Need To Update

As many of you are aware moving house can be extremely stressful and the list of things to get done before the big day is often endless. One thing that often gets forgotten about is updating your details with any company’s, suppliers or organisations that will need your new address.

Keeping your details up to date is extremely important, not only is it needed so that you are keep informed about any changes to services but in some circumstances it is a legal requirement. Not changing your details can also cause you added stress and expense as you may be char...


This section of the website includes many informative articles and guides for TV Licences, when you need one, how to update your details and if you have received correspondence from TV Licensing and want to find out more.



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